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Mods: Dave's Mac Mini Cube
Saturday, June 7, 2008 - 5:47 PM EST
Posted by: Brian

It's been a while since I've seen a really nice Mac mini-based mod. That was until I opened an email from Dave Chugg this morning. He's created a really nice Mac mini cube with a brushed stainless steel case and some snazzy looking black Apple logos. It also includes a little PicoPSU inside for powering all of the new goodies. I'll let him tell you about the rest.

Dave writes, "The pictures show my Mini - it started as a 1.5GHz Solo. Now rebodied into a 20cmx20cmx20cm cube. Brushed stainless steel with black acrylic Apple logos in a modified acrylic display case. The front logo includes the receiver for the IR remote. The case houses a 3.5" 500GB SATA drive, the Mini itself (now C2D 2.0GHz, 2GB RAM, wireless "n" card) and a 5.25" bay that has two easily reconfigurable slots running from master and slave IDE bus channels. At the moment the slots have a slot-loading DVD drive and a removable 2.5" drive - but they can be pulled and replaced with other devices when needed without having to undo a screw or open the box.

Also in the box is a passive cooler for the hard disk, a near silent 120mm fan to suck heat out and a tiny PicoPSU board. The whole lot is powered off a single original Mac Mini 110w power brick which has been modded to have two outputs, one to the Mini and the other to the PicoPSU - this powers up and down with the Mini and supplies the 12v, 5v and 3.3v for the extra drives, fan and LED. The other connector at the back of the box is for an external antenna for the wireless 802.11n."

You can see those pictures over in the photo gallery.

Thanks for sharing your project with us, Dave!

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