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SuperSync 2.3 Adds TiVo Support
Wednesday, April 23, 2008 - 4:14 PM EST
Posted by: Glenn

SuperSync today announced the release of SuperSync 2.3, a new version of their music library synchronization software for iPod and iTunes users. The big news with this release is the addition of a basic TiVo media server that allows users to browse and play their MP3 music collection over a home theater system.

According to the company, SuperSync's new TiVo media server lets users share access their iTunes libraries in a familar way--with just the click of a settings checkbox. TiVo access immediately shows up as a service on any series 2 or series 3 TiVo in house, and viewers can use the TiVo IR remote control to browse playlists, grenes, artists, and albums. Once the MP3 file is selected, it is played over the owner's home theater stereo or television.

Other new features and improvements include:

  A new help system - searchable and also online

  Improved transfer statistics

  Made iTunes playlist transfer more intuitive

  Added compatibility for access by other DAAP music players such as Rhythmbox

  Improved ease-of-use of some features

SuperSync is priced at $29 for a 2-machine license.

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