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Carbon Copy Cloner 3.1 Released
Tuesday, March 25, 2008 - 7:17 AM EST
Posted by: Glenn

Bombich Software has announced the release of Carbon Copy Cloner 3.1, a new version of their popular backup and cloning utility for Mac OS X. According to the developer, this release fixes a number of issues with Carbon Copy Cloner 3.0.1.

This includes the following improvements:

  Implemented rsync 3.0.0 to provide even greater fidelity when backing up using the "Copy selected items" backup method

  Improved the wording of options in the interface to make it more clear what CCC is doing

  Implemented "bootability" checks -- CCC now reports whether the backup volume will be bootable based upon the options you have chosen

  CCC now offers a dialog box to opt out of a backup task that is scheduled to occur when the target volume is reattached

  Resolved an issue in which an existing disk image selected as the target would not get mounted during a "Copy everything" backup

  When creating a new sparse image during a "Copy everything" backup, the capacity of the disk image is now the same as the capacity of the source volume rather then just enough space to accommodate the files that will be copied

  Resolved issues with installing the Authentication Credentials installer package from multiple source machines on a single target machine

  Adjusted permissions of the archival folders so that admin users can modify their contents

  Adjusted permissions of target disk image so that admin users can mount it read-write

  Resolved an issue in which scheduled tasks would not run upon reboot (Leopard only)

  Resolved an issue in which a backup using the "Copy everything from source to target" method would fail soon after erasing the target volume

  CCC no longer allows the scheduling of tasks that erase the target volume

  Fixed a regression in which the "invisible" flag is not preserved when performing a backup with the "Copy everything" method (Leopard only)

  CCC no longer errantly warns the user that specifying "/" as the path on a remote source volume will overwrite the boot volume

  Resolved an issue in which specifying a path with a space in it would cause CCC to back up to the wrong location on a remote Macintosh, potentially resulting in data loss

Carbon Copy Cloner 3.1 requires Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later. The download weighs in at 2.1MB.

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