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CandyBar 3.1 Released
Wednesday, December 12, 2007 - 12:20 PM EST
Posted by: Brian

The Iconfactory and Panic have announced the release of CandyBar 3.1. According to the companies, CandyBar 3.1 adds new features and loads of improvements like "Dock Previewing" that lets you see what a Dock looks like without having to apply it. The Dock preview can even be displayed over your current desktop picture to help you decide if you want to use it.

Other changes include:

  Added additional changeable icons to System, including the "Location Icons"

  Added Cancel button to the Change view, to clear un-applied modified icons

  Added ability to add Dock parts to the current collection

  Added a top level "change" menu to improve accessibility of some features

  Can now clear a collection's Dock

  Reorganized / improved the Save as iContainer panel options (making it easier to save Dock only iContainers)

  Added contextual menu to open icon author's website

  Improved "deleting" feedback to clarify delete methods

  Fixed a potential issue with deleting icons/collections

  Option-Delete now acts like Command-Delete to move icons and collections to the Trash

  Icon metadata will be maintained when saving System icons to an iContainer

  Fixed a potential crash when applying volume icons

  Migrating Pixadex data no longer fails when library path has never been set

  Converting from Pixadex 1.x library now works as expected

  Importing icos with png data is now more reliable

  Can now set a custom folder/smart collection icon

  Added support for batch editing of CandyBar identifiers

  CandyBar identifiers are now sorted alphabetically in the Info window

  Fixed crash on launch when Helvetica Neue isn't installed

  Collections can now be named the same if desired

  "Save iContainer As..." file menu is enabled in more situations

  Improved the scaling animation of Get Info / Icon look windows

  Improved text rendering, and other miscellaneous UI glitches in the Change section

  Fixed a few issues in the icon view

  Importing images larger than 512x512 will now create a 512x512 icon of that image

The update is free for registered users of version 3.0. CandyBar 3.1 is priced at $29 and requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later. A demo is available.

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