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Macpower Announces M9 SATA Enclosures
Monday, July 31, 2006 - 11:16 AM EST

Back in June, we brought you news that Macpower was preparing to release SATA versions of their M9 enclosures for the Mac mini. Well, Macpower made it official today and announced the launch of three new SATA products in its M9 series of storage enclosures. "The M9 series is already very popular in the market," said Tommy Chen, President of Macpower Corporation. "The introduction of these new products for SATA drives shows our commitment to the changing market."

The M9-S2 offers a USB and eSATA connection, and is powered by a J-Micron 20336 chipset. The M9-S2H has the same chipset and interfaces, with an additional 3-port USB hub integrated in to the unit. The M9-DX2 is the most all-round unit, powered by an Oxford 924 DSA chipset and incorporating a single USB user interface, three firewire ports and a 3-port USB hub.

All of the M9 family incorporates smart fan technology, with automatic temperature detection. When it is hot inside the case, the smart fan will switch itself on to high speed to dissipate the heat quickly and efficiently. Once it has cooled down, it will reduce its speed to use less power. Each enclosure is also fitted with a large heat sink to ensure the M9 does not overheat.

The new series of M9 enclosures are expected to ship in August and will be available at Macpower's partners across the globe in September.

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