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Mac mini Drives: Price per Gigabyte
Monday February 20, 2006 2:34 AM EST
Posted by: Brian

Last week, I posted an entry in the forums for Macworld's review of the Iomega MiniMax hard drive for Mac mini. One of our members brought up the subject of price per gigabyte in relationship to the current crop of hard drives designed for the Mac mini, and an interesting discussion followed. I decided to put a list together of a few different models over the weekend and see how they stack (no pun intended) up.

Of course, there are other factors that go into determining the price of each model. So it's hard to compare the price of different models simply based on the capacity of their hard drives. There are other things to consider, like what the case is made out of (metal or plastic), the number of additional USB and FireWire ports offered, hard drive cache size, and length of warranty.

Putting features aside, the 250GB Micronet miniMate and 250GB LaCie mini tied for the best price at 72 cents per gigabyte. They are followed by the 320GB NewerTech miniStack V2 at 73 cents per gigabyte, and 300GB LaCie mini Hard Drive & Hub at 77 cents per gigabyte. Based on these numbers and capacities, I believe the 320GB NewerTech miniStack V2 and 300GB LaCie mini Hard Drive & Hub represent the best values in the marketplace.

Iomega MiniMax
  160GB @ $199.95 = $1.25 per GB
  250GB @ $249.95 = $1.00 per GB

LaCie mini
  80GB @ $119.99 = $1.50 per GB
  160GB @ $149.99 = 94 cents per GB
  250GB @ $179.99 = 72 cents per GB

LaCie mini Hard Drive & Hub
  250GB @ $199.99 = 80 cents per GB
  300GB @ $229.99 = 77 cents per GB
  400GB @ $369.99 = 92 cents per GB
  500GB @ $429.99 = 86 cents per GB

Micronet miniMate
  80GB @ $119.95 = $1.50 per GB
  160GB @ $149.95 = 94 cents per GB
  250GB @ $179.95 = 72 cents per GB
  400GB @ $389.95 = 97 cents per GB

NewerTech miniStack V2
  80GB @ $135.99 = $1.70 per GB
  160GB @ $169.99 = $1.06 per GB
  250GB @ $199.99 = 80 cents per GB
  320GB @ $235.00 = 73 cents per GB
  400GB @ $329.99 = 82 cents per GB
  500GB @ $449.99 = 90 cents per GB

WeibeTech Maxelerate
  250GB @ $232.95 = 93 cents per GB
  400GB @ $442.95 = $1.11 per GB
  500GB @ $589.95 = $1.18 per GB

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