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Intel's Road Map
Tuesday August 23, 2005 6:01 PM EST

Intel CEO Paul Otellini told attendees of the Fall Intel Developer Forum that three new chips scheduled for the second half of 2006 are to use a new architecture that will succeed Netburst, currently used by its Pentium 4 and Xeon CPUs. Otellini also said that the company is working to develop powerful chips that consume only a half watt of power by the end of the decade. Otellini further stated that the company's new architecture for PC and server chips will combine the power-saving focus of the Banias architecture used to build the Pentium M notebook processor with the performance provided by Netburst.

The chips, due in the second half of 2006, are code-named Merom, Conroe and Woodcrest. Designed for notebooks, desktops and servers, respectively, they will cut the typical power consumption of notebooks to about 5 watts, desktops to 65 watts and servers to 80 watts. Otellini confirmed that the chips will be 64-bit capable and come with Intel's virtualization technology, the LaGrande security technology and the company's Active Management Technology.

Yonah - notebook chip. 1st half of 2006.
Merom - notebook chip coming in the second half of 2006. 5 watts (vs 22 in today's chips)

Presler - Desktop chip based on Pentium 4 line. 1st half of 2006.
Conroe - Desktop counterpart to Merom. Late 2006. up to 65 watts. (vs 95)

Paxville - late 2005. Dual core.
Woodcrest - Server processor, up to 80 watts. (vs 110)

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