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Mac Mini Wall Install
Sunday July 31, 2005 4:27 PM EST

Lilmuckers from Caffeine Junkies has created the iKitchen. He's installed a Mac mini into the wall of his kitchen and designed a custom faceplate for the ports. Lilmuckers - "I noticed there was an accessible 6" void beneath the cupboards, which had easy access to the power, good airflow and there was a 2" void behind the cupboards I could feed cables through up to the worktop. So I could fit a box into the wall behind the tiles with a blanking plate, much like a power point, and plug a screen into, while also having other ports, such as USB, Audio, etc in a position to be used. So I could build a small computer to sit underneath the cupboards with cables going up a duct to the box in the wall, and build the ports into the blank panel."

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