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Belkin Flips for the Mac mini
Wednesday July 13, 2005 5:01 PM EST

Belkin has unveiled the Flip for the Mac mini. Flip is the first solution designed to share one monitor, keyboard, and mouse between the Mac mini and a second computer, saving money and desktop space. Flip is ideal for using the Mac mini as a second computer, without the expense or desktop real estate requirements of a second monitor. Flip will be available in North America in early fall 2005 with a suggested retail price of $99.99.

Touch-sensitive buttons make it fast and easy to switch computers, eject a CD, and adjust volume. Connect your speakers to Flip and use them with both computers without unplugging and reconnecting them each time you switch. Setup is a breeze: Flip requires no additional cables or software for installation.

Flip is the only peripheral switching product that fully supports all Mac keyboards and function keys, including the built in mouse hub on Mac keyboards. For PC keyboard users, Flip includes touch sensitive buttons to control volume and eject disks on the Mac mini function keys that are found only on Mac keyboards.

Features Include:
  Works with USB-based Mac and PC desktop and notebook computers
  Stacks below or on top of the Mac mini to save desktop space
  Allows users to also share one set of speakers for both computers
  Features touch-sensitive buttons to switch computers, control volume, and eject disks
  Includes built-in cables to simplify installation and reduce desktop clutter
  Supports all USB-type Mac and PC keyboards and mice
  Works with any LCD or CRT monitor with a VGA 15-pin HDDB connector
  Requires no software installation or additional cables

More Pictures:

More Information:
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