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NewerTech Mac Mini Accessories
Tuesday May 24, 2005 4:53 PM EST

NewerTech Technology today announced a new line of Mac mini accessories. "The biggest appeal of the mini is its size," said Larry O'Connor, president of OWC. "Our new accessories take advantage of that size to improve its functionality. You can hide it under your monitor, sneak it under a desk or put it on a pedestal." The NuStand mini is a curved acrylic stand that allows you to slip the mini underneath and a monitor on top. The stand supports CRT displays up to 22 inches and LCD displays up to 30 inches. It retails for $39.95. The NuShelf mini attaches to the bottom of a desktop or shelf and allows you to slip the mini inside. It retails for $34.95. The NuClear mini is a perfectly cut 0.75-inch piece of acrylic plastic that raises your mini off the desk, retails for $24.95. The NuBlue mini is the same perfectly cut acrylic base but with a cool blue glow. It retails for $29.95. All models are shipping now expect for the NuBlue mini.

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