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Mac Mini OverClocked to 1.67GHz
Wednesday May 11, 2005 11:09 PM EST

Hardmac.com is reporting on a way to overclock the 1.42GHz Mac mini to 1.67GHz. In Febraury we ran a story about Leo Bodnar a Mac mini enthusiast who found a way to overclock the Mac mini to 1.58GHz. To achieve 1.67GHz you'll need to find the resistor called R52 that's well hidden under the CPU heatsink. Hardmac.com "As we got this information we'd long sought for, we decided to go further with the Mac mini (originally a 1.42 GHz) which had already accepted to go to 1.58 GHz. We took apart this R52 resistor and made bridges to the other side to reach the desired frequency. It would be better to put the resistors back, but they really are too tiny, and it works that way anyway." The 1.25GHz Mac mini uses a different heatsink and "probably" won't be able to achieve these higher frequencies.

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