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Mac Mini Xterra Project
Sunday May 8, 2005 3:02 AM EST

Michael from Xterra Firma has started a new Mac mini auto install in his custom Nissan Xterra. Michael has already won two awards (2nd and 3rd place) in two recent car shows and plans on entering a few more. He told us the Mac mini install should help liven things up and that he plans on posting more articles and pictures on his website as the project develops. This information may be helpful for those of you looking to start your own Mac mini auto install, since you'll be able to follow the project from the beginning.

Michael - "I had plans to set up the factory kit to accommodate an Apple iPod. Then I got to thinking, the iPod I'd need to hold all my songs hasn't been made yet - a 60GB iPod Photo would just barely make it. At that cost, it's actually cheaper to buy a Mac Mini... I know, there are a lot of additional costs with the latter, but work with me here. The ideas started to flow; music, movies, GPS, WiFi browsing and Email, video recording... My mind was made up pretty quickly. Another nice feature is that I can pull into the driveway and sync up to the server to download new MP3s via WiFi and a custom rsync script. As an avid photographer, having some place to dump tons of images from a Flash Card or Microdrive without worry of having the laptop handy is icing on the cake."

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