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Tiger roars onto the Mac mini
Friday April 29, 2005 6:51 PM EST

Apple has officially unleashed OS X Tiger! Tiger has 200 new features including Spotlight, Automator, Dashboard, Mail 2, Quicktime 7, iCal 2, Font Book 2, a full featured RSS reader built into Safari and more. Tiger requires a minimum of 256MB of memory and is designed to run on any Macintosh computer with a PowerPC G5, G4, or G3 processor and built in Firewire, but we suggest a minimum of 512MB. Mac mini owners who purchased their computer on or after April 12th, 2005 are eligible to take part in Apple's Mac OS X Tiger Up-To-Date program.

We installed Tiger on a 1.42GHz Mac mini and the entire process took around 50 minutes. Boot times with Tiger seem to be a little faster than with Panther, averaging around 40 seconds. Both Spotlight and Dashboard perform admirably on the Mac mini, however, there is no Dashboard ripple effect due to lack of Core Image support on the Mac mini. Here are few early reviews of Tiger along with some installation tips and pictures.

Tiger Reviews:
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Installation Tips:
  Housecleaning Tips for Tiger  MacDevCenter

  Preparing for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Installation  MacFixIt

  HOW-TO: Prep Your Mac for a Tiger Upgrade  Tiger Vittles

Pictures:  Click to enlarge

More Information:
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