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Mac Mini Powered Lexus Update
Friday April 8, 2005 12:44 AM EST

We recently did a story "A Mac Mini Powered Lexus". Mario from Florida sent us some new pictures and news about his project. He's moved the Mac mini from the glove compartment into the armrest and added a USB Hub to the dash. We asked Mario if he had any heating issues with the Mac mini being in the armrest and Mario replied "It actually runs a lot cooler than I thought. I also have vents built into the arm rest so any heat can escape." Here's more from Mario.

Mario - "I moved the Pioneer flip to screen to the glove box and installed a custom touch screen. The USB 2.0 and Firewire Hub is now mounted below the dash."

Mario - "The Mac Mini in mounted in a custom fabricated arm rest with air vents that still is functional. I pushed it up so you can see how it looks like stock."

Mario - "Front shot that shows Flip Navigation screen up top, Touch screen in the dash. Pioneer flip screen in the glove box and of course the Mac Mini in the arm rest with plexiglas so you can see the Apple logo. Blue lights are also installed in the arm rest to light up the Apple Logo."

Mario - "Daytime shot that shows the arm rest raised up a little bit. In the background I have web cams that are recording."

Mario - "Recording from 2 web cam @ Spring Break Nationals in Daytona, FL this past April 1 - 3."

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