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Mac mini and Sony PSP connected
Wednesday March 30, 2005 12:03 AM EST

Connecting and transferring files from your Mac mini to the Sony PSP couldn't be easier. When connected you'll be able to transfer music, photos and movies along with backing up game data. First you'll need a USB cable with a 5-Pin Mini-B connector and a Sony Memory Stick formatted and in your PSP. Keep in mind that the Sony PSP comes with a 32 MB Memory Stick so there's a limited amount of storage space available. We suggest you purchase a 512MB Memory Stick to have enough storage space to make it worthwhile. The files you transfer from your Mac mini or Mac must be in the following formats to work on the Sony PSP.

Supported files for the Sony PSP:
  Video - MPEG 4 (MP4 video file that conforms with the Memory Stick Video Format).
  Music - ATRAC3plus and MP3 files.
  Photos - JPEG (JPEG file that conforms with DCF2.0/Exif2.21).

There are two ways of transferring files to the Sony PSP from a Mac mini or Mac. The first way is to manually transfer files. With your Mac mini or Mac loaded into OS X connect the USB cable to the back of your Mac mini or Mac and connect the other end to the USB connector on top of the PSP. Next turn on your Sony PSP and from the Home Menu select USB connection and press the X button. You should now see a "Untitled" white volume on your desktop, click the icon and go to the PSP folder. Once you're in the PSP folder there will be game, music, photo and save data folders. You can now drag and drop or copy and paste files from your Mac mini or Mac into the appropriate folder on the PSP. When you're done transferring files eject the PSP icon on the desktop and disconnect the USB cable.

The second way of transferring files to the Sony PSP is to use programs like iPSP or PSPWare. These programs Sync your music, movies and photos by making transfers automated and less time consuming. They also do a wonderful job of backing up your game data. We tested both of these programs and they do a slick job of transferring files, although we found PSPWare to be a little more straightforward. Here's a little more information from both publishers:

iPSP - "iPSP was built specifically for total PSP Multimedia Management from the ground up. When iPSP is running, if a PSP is plugged into your Mac, it automatically backs up your PSP Saved Game data into well organized Date Stamped folders in your Library folder. Using the Gamesaves Manager, you can browse, restore or delete saved games or transfer between PSPs.

For music and photos, iPSP works with apps you already know, iTunes and iPhoto. iPSP reads your Music or Photo Library. Select any Album or playlist you want and with 1 click, iPSP goes to work converting and transferring your media.

iPSP will automatically copy your selections to your PSP converting and optimizing as needed on the fly. It requires no settings or interaction from you...it Just Works. Stop struggling with counter-intuitive "me-too" apps that either put you on training wheels or require a degree to get the job done...when you're done gaming, start enjoying your PSP a little bit more with iPSP." iPSP is free to try and $24.99 to buy.

PSPWare - "Intergrate your Sony PSP with your Mac, simply, effectively and non-intrusively!

We're really quite modest, but we've got to say PSPWare is the best integration software for the PSP available on the market! Try it and you will no doubt agree.

Sync your music, movies and photos and back up your game saves with ease using PSPWare. You specify what you want synced and PSPWare takes care of the rest automatically, day-to-day, syncing optimally as you would expect, without taking up your precious time!" PSPWare is free to try and $10.00 to buy.

*Correction. We originally posted the wrong picture for "Untitled white volume - PSP icon". The icon shown by mistake is a feature of iPSP. The article has been corrected.

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