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 Mac Mini News

A Trio of New Mac mini Websites
Tuesday March 8, 2005

Three new Mac mini websites have launched in recent days. Modmini.com, Macminicenter.com and MacVroom.com.

Andrew from Modmini.com - "Modmini.com is a new web site dedicated to owners of Apple Computer's Mac mini. This resource aids Mac mini users and those unfamiliar with the Mac platform in finding effective solutions, techniques and accessories for their new addition, whether for home or business use. Publishers Bob Cassidy and Andrew Laurence utilize their extensive combined experience as Mac users, developers, administrators and authors to deliver the best Mac mini information on the web.

"The Mac mini is attracting a flood of customers, new and experienced, to the Mac platform," says co-publisher Bob Cassidy. "We aim to help those users navigate the Mac marketplace, make the most of Mac OS X, hook the Mac mini into their home theatre, and make hardware modifications without concern for the warranty."

"We're providing original, solutions-oriented content," says co-publisher Andrew Laurence. "The Mac marketplace can be confusing for newcomers, and our objective analysis helps users determine the best solution for their needs."

Modmini.com is a reviews and analysis web site, focusing on the Mac mini and the new opportunities it brings the Mac platform.

Regular features include:
  Gear - Reviews of mini-specific hardware and software solutions.
  Mod - Hardware modifications that make support technicians wince.
  PC+Mac - Integrate the Mac mini into a PC computing environment.
  Theatre - Manage your home theatre's digital media with a Mac mini.

Frequent updates will include features such as hacking an external AirPort antenna, integrating home theatre with streaming servers, reviews of Mac mini-specific accessories, cross-platform screen sharing, and printing in a Windows computing environment."

We had a chance to talk with Andrew and he seems like a really good guy. We wish them luck with their new site!

Zeno from Macminicenter.com - "I'm a swiss passionate Mac user (and developer) and I'm excited about the use of my Mac mini as Media Center & HTPC (I used my powerbook for months to do that stuff prior to getting the mini). I started this project because I thought it would have been really cool and useful to have a sort of "Macmini-as-media-center Knowledge Database", so I came up with the idea of a simple website based on the Wiki concept. I didn't have time for a "news site" about the Mac mini because that kind of project needs frequently and constant updates, and also I was quite sure other people would have started some ipodlounge-equivalent sites about the macmini . I wanted macminicenter.com to be "self-powered": anyone who has experience in this domain can share its knowledge. That's why the wiki concept.

The macminicenter wiki is not a generic site about the Mac mini, but it is specifically focused on the use of the Mac mini as Media Center, Home Theater PC, Home Server, Digital Life Center, Entertainment Server, call it as you wish.

There're basically five sections:
  Hardware (TV/PVR functionality, or digital audio output to get surround sound, etc)
  Software (to manage your music, photos, pictures, tv, etc)
  Remote control (to control your mini from your couch without keyboard & mouse)
  Knowledge and technology (discussing some tech issues)
  External Links database (to keep track of nearly everything that has been said about this topic)"

Thank you Zeno we wish you luck with your new site!

Dana from MacVroom.com - "With the introduction of Apple's Mac mini, a whole new realm of inexpensive in-car computing and entertainment is now possible. The small form factor of the Mac mini makes it a perfect solution for installation in areas with limited space - like a car. The robust feature set of the Mac mini, along with the multi-media power of Mac OS X, makes for an excellent platform to create a complete mobile media system. MacVroom is here to help you learn about integrating and installing a Mac mini in your car. From providing helpful hardware and software reviews to real world installation tips, MacVroom is the source to Mac your ride! Our team of Mac-heads follow all the latest news on mobile Mac computing and provide valuable insight to help you make the right choices. We're not just all talk either... We are also building our own Mac mini car system. We will let you in on all the details by documenting the process and sharing all the information we learned along the way. We invite everyone to join in and contribute, and together we can help each other and make the Mac mini a valuable mobile media solution."

Thank you Dana we wish you luck with your new site!

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