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VGA Adapter To Blame For CRT Complaints?
Monday March 7, 2005

In recent days frustrated Mac mini users have been hitting the Apple discussion boards and web complaining about dark video issues they’re seeing after hooking their Mac mini up to a CRT monitor. Some have theorized that the DVI-to-VGA adapter may be to blame for this problem, while others believe it to be a driver issue. The DVI-to-VGA adapter (pictured on the right) makes it possible to connect a display with a VGA connector up to the Mac mini’s DVI port.

User complaints include low brightness and loss of display functionality. Reportedly some of these issues can be resolved by trimming or bending some of the pins on the Apple supplied DVI-to-VGA adapter or by picking up a third-party adapter. However some users have reported that even after they replaced the adapter, the video remained dark and dim. On the other hand some users have noted that increasing their screen resolution had helped them with the problem.

Neither of the Mac minis we use for testing have this reported problem. We inspected our adapters for problems and made sure that they were properly seated to the DVI out port. We then tested them on a 19" Viewsonic CRT running at 1280x1024 resolution and both of them checked out fine. We'll keep you posted on any further updates with this issue as they come in.

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