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Fifth-Generation iPod Touch Review Roundup
Friday, October 12, 2012 - 3:03 AM EST
Posted by: Staff

Here's a new roundup of reviews for the fifth-generation iPod touch to round out the week. It includes reviews from Engadget, The Verge, CNET, iLounge, Laptop Magazine, PC Magazine, SlashGear and iDownloadBlog. Down below are some excerpts and links to each review. Check them out if you are interested!

Engadget "As an upgrade, the fifth-generation iPod touch hits all the right marks. It's thinner and lighter despite packing a bigger and (far) better screen. It's faster despite having better battery life, its pair of cameras are markedly better than those found in the previous touch and its new matte aluminum exterior certainly seems like it will prove rather more durable in the long-run -- though time shall tell on that front," writes Tim Stevens.

The Verge "This year's iPod touch is the best one ever, without question - Apple updated all the right things, and by giving the touch a big screen and good camera has made this mini tablet a more versatile device than ever. As a gateway drug into the iOS ecosystem, it does a great job of showing off all the iOS 6 features and apps, on a really solid piece of hardware," writes David Pierce.

CNET "The latest iPod Touch is the best iPod ever, and as close to a phoneless iPhone 5 as you can get -- but its high price makes it a tough call versus cheaper tablets with larger screens," writes Scott Stein.

iLounge "All of this is to say that the fifth-generation iPod touch is a good rather than great product - worthy of our B+ rating largely on the strength of its much-improved screen and cameras, but disappointing in pricing and storage capacity. Although it comes closer than ever before to the current flagship iPhone, the $299 starting price just seems unrealistic for the features Apple is offering compared with the latest crop of small tablets," writes Jeremy Horwitz.

Laptop Magazine "If you're wondering whether the new iPod touch is a good nonphone alternative to the iPhone 5, the answer is yes. The iPod touch offers the same crisp display as the iPhone 5 in a lighter and more colorful design. Plus, you get fast performance for playing the latest games and an iSight camera that can easily double as your point-and-shoot," writes Daniel Berg.

PC Magazine "It's cheerful, colorful and versatile, and though it technically has competition, Apple's iPod touch still stands alone. While we still classify it as an MP3 player, the fully redesigned iPod touch is more like a smartphone without the phone, bringing more than 700,000 iOS apps along with iTunes, iBooks, and the rest of the Apple ecosystem to folks who don't want to pay full iPhone freight. This year's touch is a significant upgrade: It's faster, with a much better screen, a new camera, better headphones, and a new body design to die for," writes Sascha Segan.

SlashGear - "Apple's 5th Gen iPod touch has landed, and it marks quite a departure for the touchscreen media player. What once was described as a phoneless-iPhone has evolved into a device with a distinct focus of its own, building on the gaming prowess of its predecessor and adding in a capable digital camera to this latest generation," writes Vincent Nguyen.

iDownloadBlog - "I wholeheartedly recommend the new iPod touch. It's a very unassuming device, especially when looking at it resting in its retail packaging. It's easy to think that this generation's offering would be just as poor as previous ones from a build quality and usability standpoint, but that's just not the case," writes Jeff Benjamin.

Update: Down below is a new review from Macworld.

Macworld - "Price aside, whether you're in it for the apps, games, or media, this is an iPod you'll treasure. With its improved cameras, zippy performance, bright and roomy display, support for Siri, and more colorful and statuesque form, the fifth-generation iPod touch is a winner," writes Christopher Breen.

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