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Apple Thunderbolt Display Review Roundup
Saturday, September 24, 2011 - 6:07 AM EST
Posted by: Kenan

A couple really nice reviews of the Apple Thunderbolt Display were posted up towards the end of the week. This includes reviews of the display from AnandTech, CNET, Macworld and PC Magazine. And the reviews are pretty darn favorable too, noting the image quality, performance, audio quality, and ability to connect multiple devices to the display. So down below, you'll find all of the links to these reviews. If you only read one review though, make sure it's the one from AnandTech. It's incredibly detailed.

AnandTech "For me the Thunderbolt Display is good but not perfect. I wish it had a 1/8" stereo output, an SD card reader and USB 3.0 support. Give me those things and I'd be ecstatic. There's always next year's model," writes Anand Lal Shimpi of AnandTech.

CNET "The lack of native PC support is still a disappointment. That said, the stellar performance and added connection features, including Ethernet and Thunderbolt, make it a powerful and functional monitor for users of Thunderbolt-enabled Macs," writes Eric Franklin of CNET.

Macworld "For owners of the 2011 MacBook Air, the Thunderbolt Display is a fantastic way to get iMac-like features while still being able to walk away with one of the lightest laptops available. If your Mac has Thunderbolt, FireWire 800, and gigabit ethernet, the case for buying the comparatively inflexible Thunderbolt display is a little less interesting," writes James Galbraith of Macworld.

PC Magazine "There's a lot to like about the Apple Thunderbolt Display. It's the first monitor to offer Thunderbolt high-speed connectivity, it delivers excellent image quality, and its audio output is top shelf. Having the ability to connect multiple devices makes it an ideal base station for MacBook laptops, and like nearly every other product sporting an Apple logo, it's a real head turner. It is certainly more expensive than most 27-inch monitors, but no other monitor can do what it does, at least not yet. All this is why this monitor earns the Editors' Choice. If you own a Thunderbolt-enabled MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, or iMac, the Thunderbolt Display makes perfect sense," writes John Delaney of PC Magazine.

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