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MacUpdate Unveils Spring 2011 Software Bundle
Thursday, March 17, 2011 - 11:25 AM EST
Posted by: Glenn

MacUpdate has announced the availability of their Spring 2011 Software Bundle, featuring a collection of 10 Mac applications. The applications included in year's bundle are Parallels Desktop 6, 1Password 3, MacUpdate Desktop 5, MacDVDRipper Pro 2, DVDRemaster Pro 7, Hands Off, App Tamer, TechTool Pro, Better Finder Rename, and Civilization IV. Here's a desciption of each application from the company:

  Parallels Desktop 6 ($79.95) - The newest version of the #1 Mac virtualization software, Parallels Desktop allows you to run Windows, Linux, and other operating systems at the same time as Mac OS X. MacTech found Parallels Desktop 6 outperforms the competition in 84% of benchmarks.

  1Password 3 ($39.95; Mac or Windows) - The #1 password manager for Mac and a must-have application for everyone; optionally available as the Windows version for those wanting to use it with Parallels.

  MacUpdate Desktop 5 ($10; 6 month subscription) - Our premium service for automatically downloading & installing updates and new apps.

  MacDVDRipper Pro 2 ($9.95) - The #1 DVD ripping tool, for copying encrypted DVDs to your Mac for backup or viewing without the disc.

  DVDRemaster Pro 7 ($49.95) - A robust media utility for re-compressing DVDs and converting/exporting DVDs to any format (iPod, iPad, iPhone, AppleTV, etc.).

  Hands Off! ($24.95) - Powerful security tool that monitors all incoming and outgoing connections to your Mac, as well as restricting app access to disks.

  App Tamer ($14.95) - Automatically pause unused apps in the background, so they don't consume any CPU cycles or use up battery life.

  TechTool Pro 5.0.7 ($99) - A leading tool for keeping your Mac and its hard drives healthy; included in the bundle is the latest bootable DVD image that supports all Macs released to date except the newest MacBook Pros.

  A Better Finder Rename 8 ($19.95) - The #1 bulk file renaming utility for Mac; perform simple or complex renaming operations in seconds.

  Civilization IV ($19.99) - Legendary turn-based strategy game, Game of the Year winner.

The MacUpdate Spring 2011 Software Bundle is available for $49.99 until March 31, 2011. For an additional $9.99, buyers can purchase the bundle on 2 DVDs, which includes a bootable TechTool Pro DVD.

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