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Carbon Copy Cloner 3.3.1 Released
Tuesday, May 4, 2010 - 11:39 AM EST
Posted by: Glenn

Bombich Software today announced the release of Carbon Copy Cloner 3.3.1, an update to their popular backup and cloning utility for Mac OS X. According to the developer, this version of the software includes numerous fixes and improvements, including:

  Addressed an issue in which CCC was not properly aborting a scheduled task when the target volume disappeared, which would result in files being copied to the startup disk.

  Significant changes to the organization of the documentation. Documentation and support are also now built-in to CCC.

  CCC provides a more detailed alert panel when choosing to run a task with the "Delete items form the target that do not exist on the source". The icon of the target disk along with details about capacity and disk usage will help prevent users from inadvertently selecting the wrong volume as a target.

  "?" help buttons in many dialogs that present common error conditions. These buttons link to more detailed information in the documentation about these error conditions and how to resolve the issues.

  Addressed an issue in which CCC was unable to create an Authentication Credentials installer package on the MacBook Air.

  Several minor usability enhancements

  Scheduled tasks that were missed because the source disk was absent will now be initiated when the source disk reappears. Previous versions of CCC would only initiate a missed task when the target volume reappeared.

  Improved the handling of mounting encrypted disk images.

  CCC now properly dissents the unmounting of a target disk image's underlying filesystem, and properly aborts the task when a disk image's underlying filesystem disappears.

  CCC can now initiate a backup to a disk image when the disk image's underlying filesystem reappears.

  Minor improvements to the handling of disk images located on network filesystems.

  The capacity of a target disk image is now set to the available capacity of the target, resolving confusion that arises when the target disk image runs out of space and the underlying volume has room to spare.

  Resolved an issue in which CCC might be unable to unmount a disk image if antivirus or other software kept files on the disk image open.

  Fixed an issue in which CCC would fail to run a task on certain installations of Tiger.

  Fixed an issue in which aborting a running scheduled task would abruptly end any other running scheduled tasks.

  Fixed an issue in which biweekly-run tasks would run weekly.

  Addressed a situation in which the CCC.log might not be readable by non-admin users.

  Scheduled tasks now present a dialog upon successfully completing so you can tell that CCC is actually running your tasks as scheduled. For people that liked the old behavior, these dialogs can be shown only when errors occur.

  Scheduled tasks that end successfully, but with non critical errors, now present a dialog reporting the errors.

  Fixed an issue in which the CCC synchronization engine would report "mknod" errors.

  Addressed a minor performance issue with displaying the list of items to be copied for the startup volume.

Carbon Copy Cloner 3.3.1 weighs in at 3.6MB and requires Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later.

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