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EyeTV 3.3.2 Released
Friday, March 19, 2010 - 6:21 PM EST
Posted by: Glenn

Elgato has announced the release of EyeTV 3.3.2, an update to their DVR software for Mac users. According to the release notes, this version of the software contains several additional components that are running in 64-bit mode. In addition to the H.264 video decoder, MPEG-2 video is now decoded in 64-bit mode for both playback and export. It also states that EyeTV Sharing and EyeConnect are running in 64-bit mode as well now. The update also contains numerous bug fixes to improve performance and stability. You can see a full list of them down below.


  Improved quality of analog recordings with EyeTV Hybrid (North America 2010) on Macs with Intel Core Duo processors 2.26 GHz and faster.

  Improved stability for the EyeTV Netstream DTT, EyeTV Hybrid 2010 (North America), and EyeTV Sat.

  Improved CAM reliability and support for EyeTV Sat.

  EyeTV Sat no longer accepts remote commands from unsupported remote controls.

  Fixed a problem where analog channel names were not displayed when tuning with EyeTV Hybrid.


  Improved performance when loading large libraries.

  Fixed crashes related to memory usage.

  Fix a problem where an incorrect audio track was exported to program or elementary streams.

  Improved sort speed in Programs window.

Program Guide

  Fixed a problem where shows longer than 3 hours would not show a title or episode title in the EPG.

  Improved details view for EPG.

  Fixed a crash when clearing the EPG.

  Program Guide searches are no longer case sensitive.

  Improved resiliency during EPG server outages.


  Fixed a crash when displaying Picture-in-Picture.

  Fixed a problem during analog input capture where certain VHS players would show "No Signal" after a few seconds of fast forward or reverse.

  Improved picture quality of DV exports.

  EyeConnect now recognizes when the local IP Address has changed, and resumes working.

  Fixed a problem where large channels list were deleted.

EyeTV 3.3.2 update weighs in at 113MB and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

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