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Elgato Releases EyeTV 3.3
Thursday, December 17, 2009 - 12:49 AM EST
Posted by: Glenn

Elgato has announced the release of EyeTV 3.3, an update to their DVR software for Mac OS X. This version of the software adds the ability to stream EyeTV content from your Mac to an iPhone using Elgato's new Live3G web application. It also runs the H.264 video decoder as a 64-bit process now, which reportedly improves playback performance on Intel-based Macs with 64-bit processors by 10-20%. There is also a new "Drop Field" deinterlacing option in the Display preferences of EyeTV. This option is recommended for users who want to enjoy HDTV on a slower computer.

The EyeTV 3.3 update also includes the following bug fixes:

  Improved general performance and stability.

  Improved scrolling in the Overlay menus.

  Fixed an issue where multiple tuners could not be accessed in the Overlay menu.

  Improved channel name detection and EPG for some Clear QAM cable systems. To take advantage of this feature, EyeTV needs to do another Auto-Tune.

  Improved Digital Audio sound output for better compatibility with certain brands of home theater receivers.

  Improved support for EyeTV when running under Standard Accounts.

  Improved EyeTV's automatic update process.

  Resolved issues with H.264 broadcasts in Denmark.

  Fixed issues with the new Silver Apple Remote under Mac OS 10.6.2.

  Improved Support for Rogue Amoeba Airfoil and Apple Airport Express: EyeTV and Airfoil now work together to keep the video picture in sync with the sound at all times.

  Editing recordings now works when archive is on volume with FAT 32 file system.

  Improved user interface for CAM modules.

  Resolved issues reindexing recordings.

  Improved support for case sensitive file systems.

  Miscellaneous Improvements to XMLTV.

  EPG updates when Parental Controls enabled now fail with an explanation in the guide preferences.

  Resolved a hang on single processor Macs when doing a digital auto-tune with certain hardware.

  Improved CAM support for EyeTV Sat.

  Fixed support for newer Cinergy T XXS hardware revisions.

  Updated firmware for DTT Deluxe 2009 to improve reliability.

  Added PAL 60 Hz support for the 2008 EyeTV DVB-T/C Hybrid.

  Fixed support for SECAM D/K in Russia for the 2008 EyeTV DVB-T/C Hybrid.

To download EyeTV 3.3, launch EyeTV 3 and then select "Check for Updates" from the EyeTV menu. The update will then install automatically.

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