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Apple Details Recent Changes to MobileMe
Wednesday, July 1, 2009 - 4:38 PM EST
Posted by: Glenn

Apple has released a new support document detailing recent changes to their MobileMe service. According to the company, the following improvements and enhancements were made to the service in June:

Me.com toolbar

  Help is now accessible directly from the toolbar


  Forwarding or replying to HTML (rich text) messages maintains the message's original formatting instead of converting it to plain text

  Unread message count is displayed next to inbox and each folder

  Resolves an issue where an email alias may not appear correctly in Mac OS X Mail

  On an iPhone or iPod touch, a user can search all messages including those stored on the Mobileme "cloud" (server). Search in the From, To, and Subject fields is supported (iPhone OS 3.0 required)


  iPhone 3GS users can publish videos to a Gallery album

  If no Gallery albums exist, an album is automatically created when publishing a photo or video from iPhone (iPhone OS 3.0 is required)


  Uploading to a Public folder with a web browser correctly shows completion status

  Resolves an issue where an email address may not be recognized as valid when using file sharing


  Resolves an issue preventing the setup of some personal domains for iWeb hosting

  Resolves an issue preventing some expired accounts from being converted to Family Pack sub-accounts

  Active accounts with no upgrades can be converted to Family Pack sub-accounts

Push Contacts and Push Calendar:

  Option to merge existing contacts and calendars on first sync from iPhone/iPod touch

  Deleting a MobileMe account or turning off contact and calendar sync on iPhone/iPod touch allows users to keep a copy of the data on the device

  iPhone contacts that sync with MobileMe maintain ring tone associations

MobileMe Control Panel for Windows version 1.4

  MobileMe Control Panel for Windows supports syncing of contacts, calendar, and bookmarks when connecting to the Internet via a proxy server. The list of supported proxy servers is available at MobileMe: Syncing with MobileMe from a Windows computer if network uses a proxy server

Back to My Mac

  Users can securely connect to another Mac without having to log in with the computer's username and password (Mac OS X Leopard version 10.5.7 is required on all computers using Back to My Mac and you may need to sign out of MobileMe and sign back in for the change to take effect on each Mac)

Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe

  Users can locate a lost iPhone on a map at me.com, write a message to display on the screen, play a sound even if the iPhone is set to silent mode, or permanently erase all data (iPhone OS 3.0 required)

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