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MacUpdate Unveils Spring 2009 Software Bundle
Thursday, May 28, 2009 - 1:35 PM EST
Posted by: Fran

MacUpdate today announced their Spring 2009 Software Bundle. Featuring 11 first-rate Mac applications including two major commercial titles, Micromat's TechTool Pro 5 and Parallels Desktop 4, the bundle delivers more than $500 worth of software for $49.99.

Here's a complete list of the applications included in the bundle:

  TechTool Pro 5 ($98.00) - Just released in January, TechTool Pro 5 is the newest version of Micromat's acclaimed disk utility. TechTool Pro 5 will keep your Mac running in top shape! Check the health of your RAM and hard drives, repair problems, optimize performance, and be ready in case disaster ever strikes! Buyers will receive a link to download a bootable DVD image of the software to burn, which can be used to boot and fix all but the newest March 2009 Macs.

  Parallels 4 ($79.99) - Run Windows, Linux, and more alongside your Mac with ease. Parallels supports virtual machines with up to 8 cores, 8GB of RAM, and 3D acceleration for maximum performance. Parallels recently bested the competition in performance in most tests conducted by MacTech magazine.

  Circus Ponies Notebook 3 ($49.95) - Organize your digital life. Take comprehensive notes with audio annotations, track your tasks, and collate you ideas, clippings, photos, and more with this versatile organizer.

  Intego NetBarrier X5 ($49.95)- Robust firewall and intrusion detection. Make sure that online only what you want gets out of your Mac and that nothing you don't want gets in.

  DVDRemaster Pro 5 ($44.99)- Backup your DVDs and put them on other Apple devices. The easiest and most powerful tool for duplicating DVDs, creating backups, and converting movies for use on other devices like iPod, iPhone, and AppleTV.

  Multiplex ($35) - Your Mac is your new DVD player. Browse and watch your entire DVD collection from your Mac with a gorgeous interface.

  RipIt ($18.99) - Copy DVDs to your hard drive with one-click and create region-free, encryption-free backups. The perfect complement to DVDRemaster Pro and Multiplex!

  MoneyWell ($49.99) - Manage your personal finances. Direct connect banking, envelope budgeting, transaction and cash flow management all in a simple, single-window interface.

  Paperless ($44.95) - Digital document manager. Manage your receipts and document collections from a single app. Great for expense reports, taxes, and dozens of other uses!

  Posterino ($24.95) - Put your photos to good use. Create attractive posters, stylish postcards, photo frames, greeting cards and more.

  BetterZip ($24.95)- Take Mac OS X's built-in .zip compression tool to the next level. Extract only the files you want, create and encrypt archives, split large files, and more!

MacUpdate is also offering Jets'n'Guns Golf and CuteClips 3 to the first 15,000 buyers as a bonus.

The MacUpdate Spring 2009 Software Bundle is available through June 12th.

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