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FastMac Unveils Mac Mini Uprgrade Program
Monday February 14, 2005

FastMac announces the Take-Your-Mini-to-the-Max upgrade program available for all Apple Mac mini models. Packages start at $199.95 for an 8x Dual-Layer “SuperDrive.” 1 GB of RAM and 100 GB hard drive can be added for $199.95 each. Pricing includes prepaid 3-way shipping, professional installation, free data transfer, and a 1-2 business day turnaround.

FastMac - "You love your Mac mini. It looks cool. It's small. It's powerful. It's affordable.

But maybe now you've been wishing you had added a few more extras. With FastMac's “Take-Your-Mini-to-the-Max” upgrade program for all Apple Mac mini models, you can choose from packages that start as low as $199.95. You can add an 8x Dual-Layer SuperDrive. 1 GB of RAM and 100 GB hard drive.

We make easy. We make it simple. Once you order, we'll ship you out a free prepaid box. All you do is pack your mini and its AC adapter and ship it back. You'll get professional installation, free data transfer, and in 1-2 business days, we send it back to you.

FastMac's 8x DVD±RW drive adds DVD authoring and dual-layer media support to the Mac mini’s standard configuration, and is two times faster than Apple’s optional "SuperDrive,” which offers no dual-layer support. FastMac’s 100 GB hard drive upgrade is the largest drive available for the mini, and adds 60 GB over Apple’s standard capacity. With the 1GB memory upgrade more programs can run simultaneously and overall performance is increased.

Whether, you got your mini the first day it was available. Or just got it yesterday, FastMac's got an affordable, fast and easy way for you to get the max out of your mini.

With our upgrades, the most affordable Mac just got even better."

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