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MacUpdate Offers 2008 Holiday Bundle
Thursday, December 4, 2008 - 8:00 PM EST
Posted by: Fran

MacUpdate today announced its 2008 Holiday Bundle. The latest bundle delivers up to 10 Mac applications for $49.99 (a $447.96 value if all purchased separately), and is available through December 18th. It should be noted that buyers receive all 10 bundled applications immediately. Nothing is locked this time around. Here are the applications included in the bundle:

  Drive Genius 2 (normally $99), diagnoses and repairs problems with your hard drive, optimizes your system, and more.

  RapidWeaver 4 (normally $79), lets you create web sites.

  DefaultFolder X 4 (normally $34.95), beefs up Mac OS X's Open & Save dialog boxes

  VirusBarrier X 10.5 (normally $69.95), anti-virus software for your Mac.

  MacGourmet Deluxe (normally $44.95), which is like iTunes for food. You can track recipes, plan meals, manage wines, and more.

  LittleSnitch 2 (normally $29.95), monitors your network connection to make sure your Mac only sends out what you want it to.

  KeyCue 4 (normally $27), displays full keyboard shortcuts for all your applications.

  MacPilot 3 (normally $19.95), offers access hundreds of hidden features to customize and improve your Mac OS X experience.

  WhatSize 4 (normally $12.99), lets you identify files that are hogging disk space and that you don't need anymore.

  iVolume 3 (normally $29.95), ensures all your iTunes tracks play back at the same level, so you never have to adjust the volume individually.

The first 5000 purchasers also get iDive for free.

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