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MacUpdate Announces Back-To-School Software Bundle
Wednesday, August 27, 2008 - 4:41 PM EST
Posted by: Fran

MacUpdate today launched a new software bundle promotion, delivering up to 10 applications valued at more than $600 for $49.99. According to the company, the Back-to-School-themed bundle runs through September 10 and is as equally well suited for students and educators as it is for home users and professionals.

Here's a list of what the bundle includes:

  Bookends ($100) - Full-featured reference and bibliography management.

  Periscope ($40) - Security software that leverages the Mac's iSight Camera.

  Mellel ($50) - Highly-acclaimed multilingual word processor.

  DEVONagent ($50) - Extremely efficient Internet search tool.

  Norrkross Movie ($60) - Multi-layered video editing and compositing software.

  Alarm Clock Pro ($20) - Alarm and timing software with extensive features.

  HookUp ($10) - Share and access iTunes libraries beyond your local network.

In addition, three "locked" applications will be made available to all bundle purchasers as certain sales targets are met:

  MacJournal ($35) - The most popular journaling software for the Mac.

  Contactizer Pro ($120) - Comprehensive contact and project management.

  LightZone ($130) - Professional photo-editing software.

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