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 October 2007
123Macmini.com News
  EyeTV updated for Leopard  10-31-07

  Apple Sells Two Million Copies of Leopard  10-30-07

  OpaqueMenuBar 1.0 Released  10-29-07

  Login & Keychain Update 1.0  10-27-07

  Leopard Roundup  10-26-07

  Apple Releases Aperture 1.5.6  10-26-07

  Apple Releases iLife Support 8.1.1 and iDVD 6.0.4  10-25-07

  Gateway Intros New 22" and 24" LCD Displays  10-25-07

  First Reviews of Leopard  10-24-07

  Transmission 0.90 Released  10-24-07

  Carbon Copy Cloner 3.0.1 Released  10-23-07

  Led Zeppelin Digital Box Set Available for Pre-Order on iTunes  10-23-07

  Apple Posts Guided Tour of Leopard Video  10-19-07

  Dock for SATA Hard Drives  10-19-07

  iPhone SDK coming in February 2008  10-17-07

  Apps: iMedia Browser  10-17-07

  Apple to Ship Mac OS X Leopard on October 26th  10-16-07

  Mods: Classic Mini Jukebox  10-13-07

  Briefly: Apple Launches Web Apps Directory  10-11-07

  Remote Buddy 1.7.1 Features New Interface  10-09-07

  Microsoft Releases Office 2004 for Mac 11.3.8 Update  10-09-07

  HandBrake 0.9.1 Released  10-08-07

  ImageWell 3.2.4 Released  10-05-07

  Mac mini Core 2 Duo Refurbs and Rebates  10-03-07

  Adium 1.1.3 Released  10-01-07

More News
  Data recovery firm sounds Mac hard drive damage alert  Reg Hardware, 10-30-07

  The Leopard has landed  ZDNet, 10-27-07

  View HD trailers in Front Row  Macworld, 10-25-07

  Apple Reports Fourth Quarter Results  Apple, 10-22-07

  Mac mini nears End-of-Life  AppleInsider, 10-12-07

  Apple Releases GarageBand Jam Pack Voices 1.0.1  Apple, 10-10-07

  Mini-review: Apple Wireless Keyboard  Ars Technica, 10-08-07

  Will the Mac mini Get nano-ed?  Apple Matters, 10-03-07

  Apple Releases Battery Update 1.3  123MacBook, 10-03-07

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