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Project: Mac mini Cube
Thursday, November 2, 2006 - 12:06 AM EST
Posted By: Brian

There are mods, and then there are really nice mods. I think Anthony's Mac mini Cube might just be the best Mac mini-based mod you will ever see. Anthony, better known as khisayruou in the forums, has been keeping me updated on the project for the last few weeks. He just sent me the final details, along with a ton of great pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Anthony writes, "My inspiration for this project came from the Fifth Avenue Apple Store and the recently released black Macbook. I wanted to recreate the G4 Cube as if Apple had never discontinued it and make it into a true media center. I did not want to simply put the "guts" of an Intel Mac mini inside and "dress it up", but to refresh the Cube and create something that could stand out. Here are my confessions of the project, enjoy...

The original Cube in all its glory.

Things to do:
1. Remove the original Apple logo
2. Paint the Cube black
3. Recreate the touch-sensitive power button

First off, the logo had to go. I ended up using a guitar pick to lift it up which made it much easier. It was stuck on there by some VERY strong yellow adhesive. At first I was just going to paint the logo white, but after trying it out and having the paint eventually eat away at the logo, I decided I was going all out and make a white glowing Apple logo.

The Apple logo removed. It was sunny that day so the shot shows a nice blue reflection off the acrylic and thats the depression where the logo use to sit.

Here is a close up shot of the acrylic from the back. A G4 it will no longer be!

To create a glowing Apple logo, I took out the Cube and drew out the logo onto the metal to be cut out, it took me a couple of trials to get it to match up with the logo depression on the acrylic, but I eventually got it spot on.

Here is the Cube mummified with tape and the logo dremeled out. Surprisingly it didn't take that long to do, but the metal is quite thick. A few scratches got onto the case, good thing the paint will be hiding it.

A view of the cut out logo from the top.

Next up was to paint the Cube black, I decided on a black ultra flat spray paint and not a glossy one since the acrylic already made the color glossy in appearance.

The Apple logo from the tape covering up the cutout...one of the best logos if you ask me!


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