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Last comments - Mrmorrill

Mrmorrill03/20/09 at 21:14So simple, and clean... I envy you!
Mrmorrill02/20/08 at 23:54Do you run those turn tables directly to the mini? Im looking to get a USB turntable, my rents have 100's of records.
Mrmorrill02/10/08 at 23:58Is it just running in a mac mini case?
Mrmorrill02/02/08 at 17:48What size is that monitor? Any specs on the setup?
Mrmorrill01/25/08 at 00:45Is that cloud from Final Fantasy on your wallpaper?
Mrmorrill01/24/08 at 01:28So clean! :-D
Mrmorrill01/22/08 at 22:44Seeing all these wall mounts makes me want to order one along with my mini. Very clean the neon sign is a winner for me!
Mrmorrill01/21/08 at 00:04How do you like the Macally keyboard?
Mrmorrill01/19/08 at 23:18Oh so clean! Thats how it should look!
Mrmorrill01/19/08 at 23:14That is the exact setup im buying next week minus the 500gb hd, How do you like the Acer 20inch?
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