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Last comments - smiggs

smiggs03/15/09 at 01:49thanks kjeffery, its changed a bit since then. ill have to post a new photo.
smiggs10/29/08 at 05:28@ Sirvan - this photo was posted over 2 years ago, leopard wasnt even out then.
smiggs10/26/08 at 02:03Sweet setup, I like the desk
smiggs10/26/08 at 01:55I like the desktop AT0MAC, its a great dark theme.
smiggs10/26/08 at 01:54Its great to see you have some spare change after buying all that equipment . Nice little setup there. :-D
smiggs07/07/08 at 07:25Awesome setup Steffen. I love the wood on the walls and matching desk. Its all very neat. Well done. Those speakers are sweet, are they any good?
smiggs07/07/08 at 07:21Impressive apple collection you have there.
smiggs07/07/08 at 07:19Very nice!!! It will be even better when that sony display comes in.
smiggs07/07/08 at 07:16Awesome! I agree with Castaway, very neat and tidy. Usually setups like this have cables everywhere and are quite messy. Well done!
smiggs07/07/08 at 07:13Sweet gear you have there. I like those dell monitors and those stickers on the mac mini.
smiggs05/16/08 at 08:43this is an awesome desktop. Minimal, but it has everything you need. Well done. Although... Where is your hard drive icon, or how do you even get to it?
smiggs04/28/08 at 10:01sweet, where did you get that wallpaper from??? :-P
smiggs04/28/08 at 09:37Beautiful.
smiggs04/28/08 at 09:18Using a glass desk for a computer setup is very hard to conceal the wires. You have done a great job to hide them. Well done. Beautiful setup.
smiggs04/28/08 at 09:01Wow, thats a one of a kind unit. I like it very much. Works well for all your gear. Well done! :-P
smiggs04/06/08 at 03:18I like those JBL speakers. They go well with a mac. Is that a lamp behind the monitor?
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