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Last comments - lloyd1450

lloyd145003/19/09 at 13:21http://www.visaton.com/en/bauvorschlaege/2_wege/altoii/index.html - bought the units etc as a kit from Wilmslow Audio in the UK, then some wood, veneer etc. They don't half make epic speakers for the mac 8-)
lloyd145003/28/08 at 12:24are you by any chance a medical student??
lloyd145003/20/08 at 15:18Sweeeeet..... :D man that is nice. why two tv's?... seeing you can't really have sound on both :P
lloyd145002/25/08 at 11:19man that is nice :D Where did you get the cabinet from?
lloyd145001/03/08 at 06:24hold on.... you're a student... blimey I wonder whether I'll be able to afford all this (minus the laptop :P ) when I go to Uni. - Nice setup btw. Wheres the Tv from?
lloyd145011/28/07 at 12:39just wondering how loud the mac pro is when everything else is silent. Or is the 360 louder than it?? I would love a Mac Pro... would like one when i leave home :P - also that is one cool setup!!
lloyd145011/26/07 at 11:58cool setup... i was wondering which external hdd is better, the lacie or mybook - just i am getting one but cant decide over those two :P
lloyd145010/29/07 at 15:01wow that really is an ipod collection :P Great setup btw!
lloyd145010/06/07 at 08:03yup its the S5600, had it for about 18 months now - great cam at the time with a great price tag. I think i'm ready for the upgrade to SLR now, just dont think my bank balance agrees with me :-P
lloyd145009/26/07 at 12:45what software do you use to rip your dvds?? also liking the drobo btw :P
lloyd145009/10/07 at 09:27yup, i just plugged it in then it worked straight away :) Although that was a thought i had when setting it up and was glad i didn't need to hunt around for mac drivers.
lloyd145009/09/07 at 14:22the k&m are ok, i got these thinking i was just refreshing my windows setup but then along came the new mac mini. They work fine and good battery life.
lloyd145005/21/07 at 16:02very nice :-P
lloyd145005/21/07 at 16:00This is exactly what i want :-P except the new mac mini - when apple decide to release it!
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