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Last comments - himey

himey04/08/10 at 04:28Dynaudio; MacMini123's diamonds in the rough. :-)
himey02/26/09 at 00:25Is that really the 58pz800U? It looks like the 700. If it is, nice work. We are only offered the 850A here and it has a silver strip on the bottom that I'm not fond of. However, it's still good value for money compared to the Kuro 60"
himey01/27/09 at 08:45No, only 3GB is available for use. I tried a few programmes but cannot remember if Boxee was one of them... I like the simplicity of Front Row & now that I have imported many of my vids to iTunes (apparently Boxeee cannot read iTunes movies) it's not really an option. :-) ... I installed 4GB of RAM due to the performance benefits of paired memory with shared video as found in the Minis.
himey01/14/09 at 08:35Thanks mate... it's a bit of a temporary room... filing cabinets, etc in there at the moment... Once re-arranged + projector it should look and sound better :-)
himey01/10/09 at 21:48HA, cheers mate... writing one now - I submitted two pics - one with the screen on and a pretty 1080 background but the moderator chose this one.
himey01/10/09 at 10:30...Easily the best audio system I've seen on this board and some KNOB gives me one star.
himey09/22/08 at 14:24very neat.
himey09/18/08 at 16:22Nice setup Khiem... the 8500's a great piece of kit. Samsung's A650 is a good performer as is the Denon 3910... Nice work. I used to have an AVR5000 and a 5550.
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