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Last comments - chuxdaddy

chuxdaddy09/13/09 at 15:19how do you like your WD My book drives? how long have you had them? and what kinda media do you store on them? I am curious due to the amount of reviews that i have read about them :-D
chuxdaddy03/13/09 at 12:32excuse my ignorance, but how is the audio interface working out for you? and do you feel you get a better sound with the interface?
chuxdaddy09/21/08 at 12:09how well do you like your mac mini for music composition?.....i'm thinking about get a mini for doing the same
chuxdaddy09/21/08 at 02:24How pleased are you on a scale of 1 to 10 with how well you mac mini handles your music composition? :shock: :?:
chuxdaddy08/02/08 at 22:29btw, you have my dream set....how do you use garageband with the roland drum kit? do you record live drums or another method? also i myself am looking to build a little setup for myself, are you happy with the mac mini as compared to an imac or (gasp) the macpro?
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