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Last comments - Krametash

Krametash05/17/09 at 04:17Same old set up, I see! :) But I notice you've sneakily removed the pc! ;)
Krametash04/10/09 at 02:50Looks pretty cool - looks like it could get pretty hot in there with all that gear...how do you cool it?
Krametash11/14/08 at 23:57Nice! :-) What do you think of the new MacBook? Nice lights and bamboo! 8-)
Krametash10/24/08 at 08:37Sweet! This is probably my dream setup, except with a Mac Pro running dual monitors instead of the mini, and a mid-range PC driving one monitor and running only Linux. Would probably have less external HDs too. BTW, how do you configure your external HDs? Any external RAID setups or anything like that? Also, what specs has your PC tower got? Can I ask how much it cost? Great setup, prob the best one I've seen here :-)
Krametash09/20/08 at 09:20Wow Hackers, that's looking great!! :-D
Krametash08/01/08 at 07:37No prob, Munsongeek, always glad to help out a fellow musician :-D
Krametash07/29/08 at 12:04Hey, what do you use the interface and mixer for? Do you do music arrangement?
Krametash07/29/08 at 11:515 out of 5, just because of your cool stylishness about having a second bluetooth KB, and your crazy amount of storage :D
Krametash07/29/08 at 05:32Nice studio! I'm not a big fan of that Rolandkit though... I got the TD 9KX: http://www.roland.co.uk/drum_room_catdet.asp?id=TD9KX It was pretty pricey though, got it for over US 2 grand :shock: Really nice setup though :D
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