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Patrick William F's Mac mini setup
The Story:
I am an audiophile addict! However, I love iTunes and the ability to instantly access all of my music from multiple locations around the house. Accordingly, I have been searching for a subjectively perfect system that balances my desires and still makes me say "WOW" when I sit down for a listen.

In addition, I now have a young daughter and my wife took away my office and converted it in to a guest room :-( Luckily for me, I am a master debater and was able to successfully negotiate for access to the two hallway closets downstairs ... I have now effectively turned them in to the world's smallest home office / audiophile listening room.

The System:
I have been playing around with components, software, and disc ripping formats in an effort to create a true audiophile sound system that uses a Mac Mini as the main source component. I feel that I have finally succeeded in my quest and have put together quite an amazing sounding system based upon the Mac Mini and iTunes.

Computer Hardware:
- Mac Mini 2.0Ghz
- Newertech miniStack V2 500GB HD
- Drobo 2TB HD

Audio Components:
- Simaudio Moon I-7 Integrated Amp
- Bel Canto DAC 3 USB
- Shunyata Hydra Model 6 Power Conditioner
- Dynaudio Confidence 1 Speakers
- Nordost Quattro Fil Balanced XLR Interconnects
- Nordost SPM Speaker Wire

- iTunes - CDs ripped using Apple Lossless
- Indigo Home Automation Software
- iRed IR Remote Automation Software

Initial Thoughts:
It is a relatively new system and already I have arrived at musical nirvana ... and all of the components haven't even broken in yet. Precise imaging, HUGE soundstage (considering the miniscule size of my listening room), perfect highs and a tight bass. When this system blooms after a couple hundred more hours of burn-in, it will be a jaw dropper. My Mac Mini based audio system, as well as my home automation system, can be accessed and controlled from my iPhone or from any computer connected to the internet from anywhere in the world. I have added a pic of the Indigo control page that allows me to do this ...
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Bemopti123 [Dec 25, 2007 at 08:47 PM]
Your listening room taken away was an excellent excuse to "downgrade"... As if women know about hifi. Cheers for your ingenuity.
mick [Dec 26, 2007 at 04:48 PM]
Awesome! Love your equipment. ***** Thanks for the cool story and break down.

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