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Jec Mac's Mac mini setup
Thanks 123MacMini.com for providing this playground. There is much to learn from everybody!!

Large 3’- 6’ Desk – No Drawers & Comfortable Chair. Don’t like a table that wobbles or limits my position.
Techline offers this desk. It has cam-lock system so it can be moved flat.

MAC-Mini 01 / Leopard Server / Headless / G-Drive 500GB / Time Machine Enabled
MAC-Mini 02 / Leopard / G-Drive 500GB / Time Machine Enabled / Apple Remote Desktop / iLife / iWork / MobileMe / Parallels / iPhone SDK / Bootcamp / WIN XP Pro / Office Developer / Adobe Acrobat Pro
Apple 23 Monitor / iSight
Apple USB Keyboard / Mouse
Apple Wireless Keyboard / Mouse
Apple Airport Extreme / WiFi / Share Drive - Lacie 500GB / High Speed Cable Modem
Apple Airport Extreme is managed by Leopard Server automatically to Open / Close ports based on Services ON/OFF.
Apple Remote: Closet PC Computing (3-Computers) Can’t we just get along ?? They might as well be doing something!
HP LaserJet 5M EPSON Color Inkjet Printer / Scanner
Multiple Domains
Apple iPhone
Future Additions:
APC - Power Backup
HD Projector with Video Splitter… What’s on my MAC is on the wall… 100” wide… Demo Anyone?
Net Drive – NetGear or DROBO
Apple TV
It’s real interesting to have Leopard Server. Still Learning.
Take advantage of Time Machine. It has bailed me out many times.
We’re going so fast… Do I need a helmet?
Now… Just what an I going to do with this thang ??

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xsulux [Jan 30, 2009 at 01:51 PM]
why you need 2 sets of keyboard/mouse since the 1st macmini server is headless. and what resolution (max 1024 x 768 ?) do you get in your 23 acd when you connect the server thru apple remote desktop? anyway, i like this setup. very nice and sleek.
jec_macmini [Feb 03, 2009 at 12:41 AM]
Thanks for your comment... Two KB/M are not required... I have the wireless KB/M so I'm not tethered to the computer... soon my large screen TV will be my monitor... watch a movie & monitor the computers. Apple Remote Desktop is not required with Leopard. I'm running the Server through Screen Sharing (free functionality with LEOPARD) most of the time. I bought REMOTE to monitor all of the other computers at the same time. My PCs are running an MS-Access database that I have configured with different color Forms. If the forms are green... Great... If they are not...Fix It. When I use REMOTE the screen fills the application's window.

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