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DMXell's Mac mini setup II
I decided to take a much better picture of my desk. I went through my camera settings to see if I could some how use the flash without blanking out my monitor screen, thankfully I could.

Last night I decided that I hate wires. They look bad and annoy nearly everyone, including myself. So I went all out to try hide them while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing desk (I feel). I started by pushing my 20" widescreen LCD back up against my wall and also pushing my PC speakers back there too (it's mainly my gaming computer and dumping grounds for videos I make and pictures/Mac backups). I then took my Mini's speakers and took them down a level using cutout holes in the back of my desk to have the wires got out. Then I did something that made me chuckle. My desk has these CD racks on each side (you can clearly see one in the picture on the lower left-hand side) so I wanted to see if I could squeeze my Mini in one, and I could! It only fits in half way as it's a very tight fit, but that's good enough me for. I have m wires going out the back of it, but through an un-nailed section of the back as there aren't any natural holes back there. I then use the other two slots for my video camera, digital camera and various other appliances.

Overall I did accomplish my goal for the most part. I see very few wires. Granted I see all the wires from everything, I don't see them much and they're not as overwhelming as before.
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jleetj [Jun 25, 2007 at 10:34 AM]
I hate wires too!!! How about getting a bluetooth keyboard/mouse set?...
DMXell [Jun 25, 2007 at 11:09 AM]
Well, I can see myself getting the bluetooth keyboard soon, but I have to keep the wired mouse since it's my only good mouse and I use my old Windows PC to game and dump junk onto.

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