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Erikv's Mac mini setup
Using several Mac mini's as internet servers (dns, mail, web, ftp, webmail, etc.)

Two are mail servers. One for a single client and another handles email for about 1000 users (~40 domains).

Two are dns servers as well as listserver, webmail server and a sentry (monitors all the servers including some non-Mac mini servers
-- G4 and G5 towers). One is my primary webserver that hosts about 30 domains. Some are busy (more than 1M hits per month) and most are not. The Mac minis have yet to show that they are being overloaded.

The web and mail servers have upgraded internal drives (Hitachi E-Series E7K60 7200rpm 24/7 operation). Only the web server has a memory upgrade (1GB). All the other minis are the standard 256MB. In the case where the internal drive was upgraded, the original drive is in a FireWire external case (clear cases with blue-LEDs) and they serve as backup drives (nightly mirroring of data from internal to external).
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Bandit Bill [Jul 15, 2005 at 04:22 AM]
Very cool. It's amazing how you can get away with this. Very little noise, heat, space used, power consumption (very important during a power outage, while running off a UPS). I'm glad to see this low cost solution is working for you. That rack is ideal for the way the mini vents.
Anon [Jul 15, 2005 at 10:08 PM]
What your website. How you did it.
bsnoel [Jul 16, 2005 at 09:50 PM]
Cool, a Mini server farm!
erikv@mac.com [Jul 18, 2005 at 09:54 AM]
http://webcentrix.net The mini's made perfect sense as a low cost, small server. Xserve's were just overkill for the services I needed to support (like hunting ducks with a bazooka). I was actually considering getting some mini-itx machines (PC-compatible system on a board) but with the specs I wanted, they would have been more expensive than the mini's with lower performance. I would have had to run Linux on them too, which is OK, but less elegant.
dylan [Aug 22, 2005 at 02:29 AM]
why are some bigger than the others
B2O [Aug 23, 2005 at 01:56 AM]
The shelf is deeper . . .
Dylan [Aug 23, 2005 at 01:37 PM]
oh damn im retarted
LOOP [Sep 27, 2005 at 03:59 AM]
wow thats one good optical ilusion, nice setup, really cool
alexm13 [Feb 16, 2006 at 09:32 PM]
nice setup....ur missing a mini
CodFodder [Mar 16, 2006 at 09:54 PM]
This is a really neat setup. I do something similiar but use virtual Linux servers . Got me thinking about doing the same.
Shaykles [Apr 13, 2006 at 10:01 AM]
That is so cool... I think i have found a soloution to my webserving needs.

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