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medical again this time oddity

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 30, 2006 3:40 am    Post subject: medical again this time oddity Reply with quote

I was thinking I have many medical oddities that are somewhat rare.
I have an immunity to most antibiotics,

random fevers that cause me to fall asleep (went to doctor found nothing),
I have a normal temp that is 99.5 so it can look like I have a fever at all times,

my skin will randomly heat up and cause me to sweat with no cause (a friend had this problem, but he's a diabetic and a cancer from when he was 2 caused his skin to heat up randomly),

teeth that grew off the side of my other teeth (had to get it removed it got to big and stretched my gums too badly),

my eyesight can actually actively flucuate from my normal 175 to above perfect (it can happen randomly only too but more likely if my eyes are bloodshot from irritation),

not sure if this is odd but I've never seen or met anyone else with it so here it is: my mussles will tense and lock for the most I've gotten now was my left hand for 40+ seconds, but I wasn't doing much and it just happened when I went to grab a drink it used to just happen when I'm up over 48 hours, but that can happen from mental strain,

head going numb actually this used to only happen when I was up for over 48 hours (I'm seeing a problem here) but my sinus does clear up after this happens, but it's numb for a few minutes and it's my entire head, except my mouth and eyes unless it gets too severe,

this is uncommon around my area: less sleep is better I can sleep 4 hours and have more energy than say 8 hours or 14 hours (that was from my insomnia another post just look around for Reasons "Why Not to Stay Up" I think),

now this has happened a lot: muscle groups spasming, now this isn't the same as the tensing up while both are random they are different, while the tense ups can affect at most yet my lower arms the spasms travel from my leg up through my body in a wave and gain momentum as time goes by, but the longest lasting one was only about 7 seconds, but it poped all my fingers, toes, back, neck, knees elbows, pelvis (that can hurt), hips shoulders, and jaw, so basically every bone will pop.

anyway that's just a short list I thought of in 30 minutes.
"You must control your future by taking command of your present, and fixing and learning from your past."

"When history is forgotten people don't realize when it repeats."

Going to Missouri S&T!!
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