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"20 reasons mac mini will fail"
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PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2006 2:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Evil or Very Mad

Wow, I haven't read anything that made me that angry in awhile. Keeping in mind it was written on the cusp of the Mini's initial release, this man must be living in a cave. There are too many things to list that I could argue, but here are the highlights.

First off, a well stocked G4 machine can match horsepower with Intel Celerons and lower end AMD Semprons in it's price range, and actually come out swinging in some tests, though admittedly not all (that's what the CoreDuo is for!). You don't need liquid cooling, super-overclocking ludicrosities to make speed. Just a well designed system.

Secondly, who the hell uses floppy drives for their personal storage anymore? A rewritable CD-RW pack is cheaper than a package of floppies, and far more useful. They store a now-pitiful 1.4Mb worth of data. They're notoriously unreliable (how many times have I lost school research/notes on floppies that claimed not to be formatted??), and utterly doomed to go down in history as the demise of magnetically based data storage. Thumb drives are way faster, relatively inexpensive, and were indeed available for widespread consumption when he wrote this article.

Thirdly and finally, bringing your own keyboard, monitor, and mouse is probably one of the best things Mac could have done to entice new switchers. You get to keep what you're comfortable with using; your old two button, scroll mouse, and it works exactly as it does in Windows. The keyboard even works as it should (my Compaq keyboard I had before I bought an Apple unit had volume and mute keys, and they worked seamlessly in OS X). Leaving the monitor option open gives you access to a plethora of low to middle market LCD screens, catering to the taste of the individual user. It also allows some of us dinosaurs to use our trusty CRTs (my flat-tube Compaq V710 isn't close to giving up yet), and even opens up the possibility of television or home theatre use, with a direct, digital connection. That someone would be put off by a computer that gives you that kind of freedom, instead of charging for extras that you may end replacing depending on your taste, is beyond me.

This guy needs a reality check. A lobotomy. Or both.
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