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PostPosted: Fri Jun 12, 2009 7:11 am    Post subject: OWC REVIEW OF MACBOOK PRO 13" Reply with quote


WWDC: MacBook Pro 13" Introduced
What was the MacBook 13" (Unibody) is now MacBook Pro 13" and starts at $1199, $100 less than the non-Pro model it replaces. The big news on this one? FireWire is BACK! Not just the FireWire 400 that MacBook White and Black models have always had, we're talking FireWire 800. When they took it off the first Unibody 13", Steve Jobs suggested that buyers could simply replace needed FireWire devices with USB2 versions (not always true, slower, and either way - easy to say if your not the one paying), by popular demand (or lots of complaints) Apple listened to its customers and gave us what we've wanted - in this matter anyway. Either way - I think Apple has also recognized that it's not one size that fits all and many 'Pro Users' actually prefer the smaller laptop for it's greater portability + knowing they can connect it up to any size display when operating from home base.

The other new feature Apple introduced is a built in SD Card Slot. A large percentage of today's popular digital cameras and video recorders make use of SD (Secure Digital) memory cards. While USB2 readers (or connecting via USB to download right via the device) are easy and inexpensive, it is very convenient to have the slot built in and right there for the data transfer. The SD Card Slot can also be used for other possible expansion - but current SD cards (like for Wireless networking) only duplicate features already built standard into every MacBook Pro Apple builds. Either way, it's a nice additional bonus on these new Pro 13" models.

So - lets compare the new MacBook Pro 13" vs. the MacBook 13" (unibody) it replaces:

Priced at $1199 for the base model vs. $1299
Standard with 160GB hard drive vs. 120GB
Supports up to 8GB of of Memory vs. 4GB officially Apple supported, 6GB OWC Supported.
Internal 7 Hour battery vs. external removable shorter life battery
FireWire 800 Port vs. no Firewire at all
SD Card Slot vs. no SD Card Slot
Otherwise all the same 2GB memory, SuperDrive, Built-in Wireless, 9400M NVidia, USB Ports, mini-DisplayPort, etc.
Also, for $1499 - this $300 surcharge gets you up to a 2.53GHz Processor, memory increased from 2GB to 4GB, and hard drive bumped to 250GB.

Today's MacBook Pro 13" is what the 'Unibody' 13" should have been from the start. Solid performance, a great span of features - a professional grade value home, school, and professional user alike. And hey, we're hoping you aren't roped into those factory memory or hard drive options and rather have OWC cover ya there.This can save you some real cash (up to 42% vs. Apple factory installed) + in addition to the savings, the memory you've also got that original factory memory and/or hard drive for other uses or more savings from our available trade-in rebates - Win-Win. Smile
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 12, 2009 11:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice, helpful comparison of old and new. I hadn't thought much about the SD card until now. I just returned from a three week trip and I forgot my camera cable. That SD slot would have been handy to have on my PowerBook.
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

OWC does product reviews? Surprised
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