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New MacBook
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Veteran Member
Veteran Member

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 9:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

macfox wrote:
cool. i hope the macbook gets an update with the lower spec merom chip due out in mass market in late august.

Unlikely though?

This will give Apple an opportunity to make a distinction between MB and MBPro.
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Veteran Member
Veteran Member

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 10:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

iMav wrote:
MiniMoe wrote:
Still waiting on mine. Sad Was hoping to have it for a 4 day weekend.

Well, definitely let us know when you get it and your first impressions.

Having had it now for a couple of weeks, here are my first impressions...

Heat isn't a problem. It's no worse, maybe better than the Dell 8600, and has spent many hours in my lap in the recliner. It can get hotter than the Mini. The highest I've been able to get the latter is 83ºC, but was able to drive the MacBook up to 93ºC before the fan kicked on and brought it down to 85ºC. I imported about 30,000 emails and started reorganizing (and deleting some of) them. That ran cpu utilization on both cores at about 70-90% for quite some time, and most of that the MacBook was in my lap.

Reflections on the screen aren't as much of a problem as I thought they'd be. In some cases, I can reposition it to eliminate them, but in many others, I find myself ignoring them.

I like the new keyboard, but what I LOVE is the track pad! Not only does it do two-finger right-clicks, but two finger vertical, horizontal, and even diagonal scrolling. Unfortunately, this doesn't work under Boot Camp, where neither does Ctrl-Click. I tried an application called AppleMouse, but it had problems with objects on the desktop. An application called iMouse works much better and changes the cursor when it's ready to do a right-click. I hope Apple implements a MacBook track pad driver for Boot Camp ASAP! It's also too bad the remote doesn't work with Boot Camp, since I have TheaterTek installed.

I somewhat miss a PCMCIA slot. I have an adapter for Compact Flash that I've always used to download photos. We do have a direct-connect cable for the digital camera somewhere and I'll have to find it. That's about all I used it for.

The 1GB Apple memory is plenty. With the factory widgets plus Weather Radar, and Safari, AdiumX, and Mail open and hidden, with Core Duo Temp in the Dock, and even with a document or two of MS Office open under Rosetta, I rarely get any page outs, and even when I do it's no more than 2-3 thousand.

I got the 80GB Apple drive and gave XP 20GB, leaving about the same 55GB for OS-X the 60GB drive gives without Boot Camp. With all our "stuff" transferred over, we had about 22GB free in OS-X. I used Monolingual to delete all languages other than English and U.S. English and picked up two more GB. Then I AppZapped iDVD, iWeb, and GarageBand, and trashed Quicken and Big Board Games, and picked up another 5-6GB. So we have about 30GB free, but that's with the caveat that our music is stored as 128kbs AAC (about 6GB) and our digital camera is only 2MP (about 2GB).

20GB was plenty for XP. Even with MS-Office Pro for the rare incompatible document or for Access databases, and all our other must-have Windows software, we have 12GB left in that partition. But there's not much user data here, and no music or photos.

So while I wouldn't want it to be my primary/only computer (primarily because of the screen size, no dedicated numeric keypad, and slow, single-layer DVD burner), it's definitely the best portable computer I've ever used, and absolutely perfect for use in the La-Z-Boy.
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Veteran Member

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 1:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I use the SideTrack replacement driver for the touchpad (as I did with my iBook as well). This allows me to tap and tap-lock on the pad (left click) and remap the button to right click. (as well as many scrolling options).

I do NOT use bootcamp, but do use Parallels on ocassion. I have the full SideTrack-enabled trackpad functionality within all OSes...even in full screen. Smile
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