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Is It Worth The Frustration To Wait For A New Mini?

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:40 pm    Post subject: Is It Worth The Frustration To Wait For A New Mini? Reply with quote

I've been away for a while because I got tired of the frustration related to waiting for the next Mini. Originally I wanted a Mini to be my first Mac. This was in 2007. I waited nine months and still no new Mini. At that time it was over a year before a new updated model came out. I got tired of waiting and bought a refurbished Macbook and used it as a desktop for most of its life.

As it got older I kept up with the different models of the Mini. None seemed to be as fresh with the chips as the Windoz models from all vendors. I still wanted a Mini. Then another gigantic span of time happened before the next machine came out. That wait was too long.

In the interim I tried Linux on a tower. I fell in love with it. Once all the programs I needed were installed it ran fast and was intuitive just like OSX. Even better in some ways. I used Elementary OS because it was similar to OSX. There were no crashes like Windoz and no virus problems.

For years I've believed that Apple has really become a phone manufacturer and that the computers are just around for cache. They don't get the attention needed to claim they are a premier computer manufacturer. Even Apple proponents like the radio show host Leo Laporte finds the Windoz machines becoming the platform of choice for creative professionals. Their Surface technology on their gigantic machines is really outperforming Macs.

Is it really worth your angst and frustration to hang on hoping Apple will make a genuinely up to date Mini? How many have switched to a NUC?

The day before yesterday I went to a couple of sites like simplynuc and System76 which sell them. That is where I'll get my next desktop machine when I'm ready. The latest generation chips are available today and they will configure the machine any way I want it to be. Nothing is soldered together to prevent changes in the future.

I see that this site has been getting very little traffic. It is my guess that most people who previously posted here have already given up. If you haven't, please let me know why you need to get an Apple product instead of something else. As OSX users you're probably much more computer savvy than the average person. Thus it would be extremely easy for you to switch to GNU/Linux. Especially since the newer distributions come with almost everything you could need already installed.

Save your sanity. Recognize that Apple is just a business. It isn't your buddy. They have moved on. They really don't want to play with computer people anymore. They want to play with phone people now. Even their tablets aren't improving with leaps and bounds. Five years ago I was incorrect when I wrote that I believed tablets were the future computing platform.

It seems that Chromebooks with touch screens and keyboards are the future of personal computing. Google has now made it so that apps from the Google Play Store can run on the newer Chromebooks. In time more app developers will modify their apps to run on those bigger screens.

Chrome might not be the ideal platform for work, yet, but that style machine seems like it is the next step. It combines touch screens and keyboards with apps. The Samsung Chromebook Pro has an awesome 4K screen and can run apps for just $549. The keyboard isn't awesome but it's headed in the right direction. SD cards and thumb drives now hold 256 MB or more. Those can be added to any Chromebook to extend storage capacity.

As photo and video editing apps get better, along with cloud computing promoted by Adobe, with a fast enough internet speed one could do just about anything on a laptop machine with a 4k screen.

Will Apple ever get on board with a touch screen laptop? The Mini is dead. When Phil Schiller said that the Mini is still important to Apple I didn't believe him. Do you?
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