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 A Special Note to our Members and Visitors
We started 123Macmini in 2005 in the hopes of connecting Mac mini and Mac users together from all around the world. And that's what we have been doing ever since. It's been a most rewarding website over that time. Our forums and photo gallery have seen millions of visitors. We have also been covering Apple related news on a daily basis since the beginning. In fact, we have now published well over 2000 news articles. We have also had great partners over the years allowing us to expand and grow.

Recently though, the state of North Carolina (the state in which we operate) passed some new "affiliate Nexus tax laws" that have made it impossible for us to raise money through affiliate sales. In fact, most of the companies that we have been partners with have already stopped their programs in the state of North Carolina. So, that sort of leaves us with a challenge going forward. We aren't going anywhere, but we'd like to reach out to our members and visitors for some support. We are looking to raise between $1000-$1500 before the end of 2013. This will help us pay for our hosting and licensing fees over the next two calendar years. It basically eliminates all of that financial pressure.

So, please help if you are able to do so. Any amount would be most appreciated. If you cannot, thanks for your consideration!

Goal: $1000-$1500

Raised: $695

Charles, Glenn and Brian


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