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Cinnamon Peripherals - CinnaMount mini for Mac mini

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Review: Cinnamon Peripherals CinnaRack
Wednesday, May 10, 2006 2:06 AM EST

We're always looking for new and interesting accessories for the Mac mini. Enter the CinnaRack, a new mount for the Mac mini made by Cinnamon Peripherals. It's designed for mounting your Mac mini underneath a desk or shelf, or even inside an entertainment center.

The CinnaRack comes packaged neatly in a small box from Cinnamon Peripherals, which is based in Canada. In the box you will find the CinnaRack mount, four 1/2" screws, screw template, four round felt riser pads, two large rectangular felt side pads, and installation guide.

The CinnaRack mount is made out of a single piece of anodized aluminum and measures 9" wide x 6 1/8" deep x 2" tall. Its aluminum construction makes the mount both lightweight and sturdy. It's also one of the most attractive mounts we have seen, because its coloring so closely matches that of the Mac mini.

The bottom of the CinnaRack has vents and rounded corners that allow maximum airflow to the Mac mini's bottom vents. It also features a small raised lip on the back, which prevents the Mac mini from sliding out of the mount. All in all, our PPC-based and Intel-based Mac minis fit nicely into the mount.

When we first heard about the CinnaRack, we were concerned that its aluminum body could cause scratches or scuffs on the Mac mini. Well, to our relief, we are happy to report that Cinnamon Peripherals includes two large felt pads for the inside walls of the mount. They do an excellent job of protecting the Mac mini's finish, while holding it snuggly inside the mount.

Our only concern with the CinnaRack is the overall height of the mount itself. At just over 2" tall, the mount is approximately the same height as the Mac mini. Even with the included felt risers installed, the gap between the top of the Mac mini and bottom of your desk or shelf is really small. This could possibly lead to a decrease in Airport reception in some instances, depending on the location of your wireless router.

Overall, we can recommend this product to our readers, and give it a score of 3.5 out of 4 stars. The CinnaRack for Mac mini is shipping now, and has a suggested retail price of $27.00 (30$CAD). Cinnamon Peripherals also offers the CinnaRack with a mount for the Mac mini's power adapter for $33.00 (36$CAD).


  Anodized aluminum finish
  Coloring matches Mac mini
  Mac mini fits nicely into mount
  Rear lip prevents Mac mini from sliding out of the mount
  Felt pads protect Mac mini's finish
  Bottom vents allow maximum airflow to the Mac mini


  Overall height of the mount

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