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Review: NewerTech NuStand mini
Tuesday August 30, 2005 12:59 AM EST

One of the nice things about the Mac mini is its small, unobtrusive footprint. However, if your desktop space is at a premium or you are looking to further reduce desktop device-sprawl, NewerTech may have the answer. The NuStand mini is an attractive and stylish addition to any Mac mini user's desktop. It is constructed from a single piece of clear acrylic and can hold up to a 30" LCD or 22" CRT display. The NuStand mini stands 11" wide X 9" deep X 2.25" high and provides ample airflow space around the Mac mini. The stand also comes with four small rubber feet that prevent it from sliding.

Placing the Mac mini under the NuStand mini makes very economical use of space. It also helps to elevate a display, when placed on top, to a more comfortable eye-level. This is perfect for Apple Cinema Display owners looking for more height.

One of our concerns was the stability of the NuStand mini when an LCD monitor with a higher center of gravity was placed upon it. With a 19" Dell LCD resting on top, stability proved excellent. The stand appeared to be quite sturdy and quickly damped any vibration when nudged.

The only potential inconvenience came when trying to access ports and/or the power button on the Mac mini. Because of the NuStand mini's depth, it can be tricky to reach the back of the mini. The space on the back of the Mac mini is already compressed due to its size, which can make handling port connections difficult. Add a 9" deep stand as well as a monitor on top of the mini and you may find yourself pushing the mini out from underneath the stand to perform device connections. This may not be much of a concern for those who regularly leave their mini in sleep mode and whose port connections are fairly static.

Overall, we can recommend the NewerTech NuStand mini and give it a score of 3 out of 4 stars. The NuStand mini is an attractive addition to any Mac mini setup and is perfect for those looking to maximize the amount of useful workspace on their desktop. The NewerTech NuStand mini is shipping now and retails for $39.95.


  Solid construction with thick acrylic
  Attractive, space-saving design
  Improved display height
  Good vibration damping
  Rubber feet prevent sliding


  Difficult to access back of Mac mini

More Pictures:  Click to enlarge

NuStand mini Features:
  Supports up to 22" CRT displays
  Supports up to 30" LCD displays
  Made from extra thick flame polished acrylic
  Space saving design
  Four non-skid pads for extra grip

NuStand mini Dimensions:
  11" wide X 9" deep X 2.25" high

More Information:
  NewerTech NuStand mini
  More Accessories
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