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Review: Griffin Technology AirClick USB
Monday August 1, 2005 2:07 AM EST

If you're looking for a good remote control for your Mac mini or Mac, take a look at Griffin Technologies AirClick USB. The AirClick USB comes packaged with a remote, USB receiver module, USB extension cable, and installation disk. Setting up the AirClick USB couldn't be easier. Simply insert the USB receiver module into any free USB port on the back of your Mac mini or Mac. Next, insert the included installation CD into your Mac and double click the AirClickUSB.pkg to install the required software. The AirClick USB application will be automatically installed into your applications folder.

After you install the software go to your applications folder and click the AirClick USB icon. An AirClick USB icon will now appear in the menu bar with a drop down list of all the controllable applications. You can control iTunes, iDVD, Quicktime, Keynote, PowerPoint, radioShark, and VLC. Simply select the application you wish to control from the drop down list and press any button on the remote to launch it. We selected iTunes and took some screenshots of play and volume being controlled with the remote control.

The remote control measures 2.75" x 1.25" x 0.5" and weighs in at 0.08 oz. There are five buttons allowing for play/pause, next track/fast forward, previous track/rewind, and volume up/down. We liked the layout of the buttons and found them easy to manipulate. The remote also includes a hold button and clip for convenient attachment. Both the bundled software and remote worked flawlessly and lived up to everything advertised.

The range of the AirClick USB is fantastic! We were able to control the Mac mini from up to 40-60 feet away with little trouble. Since the AirClick USB uses RF signals instead of IR you don't have to be in line of sight of the USB receiver. One of the few cons of the AirClick USB is that the USB receiver module protrudes a bit from the back of the Mac mini. The elbow bend on the USB receiver is better suited for horizontally mounted USB ports like found on the iBook or PowerBook. Therefore, you may want to use the included USB extension cable if your Mac mini is close to a wall.

Overall, we can recommend the Griffin AirClick USB to our readers and give it a score of 3.5 out of 4 stars. The Griffin AirClick USB is shipping now and retails for $39.99.


  Affordably priced.
  RF not IR.
  40-60 feet remote range.
  Ability to control iTunes, iDVD, Quicktime and more.
  AirClick software works great.
  Remote clip and hold button.
  Includes USB extension cable.


  Remote is a little small for big hands.
  USB receiver protrudes from back of Mac mini.

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