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Review: The Plasticsmith mini Skirt glo
Wednesday May 4, 2005 12:36 AM EST

Plasticsmith's mini Skirt glo is by far one of the coolest accessories for the Mac mini that we've come across and is destined to make your Mac mini the center of attention. The mini Skirt glo is made out of a 3/4" tall piece of acrylic that is shaped to match the Mac mini and includes a USB powered 5V LED light in your choice of either blue or white to illuminate the base. The underside of the mini Skirt glo has four non-skid feet to keep base from sliding, while the top of the base is perfectly flat keeping the Mac mini both level and secure.

The flexible USB cord that runs from base of the mini Skirt glo to the back of the Mac mini has a nifty on/off switch that lets you turn the LED light on/off as desired. When the light is turned on it brightly and evenly illuminates the base giving the Mac mini a neon glow look that's very aesthetically pleasing. We were a little apprehensive that the base would generate too much heat when lit up, but we can report the base stays relatively cool and doesn't transfer enough heat to the bottom of the Mac mini to become a problem. The only downfall of the mini Skirt glow is it takes up one the Mac mini's two valuable USB ports, but you can always use a USB Hub to overcome this issue.

Overall we give the mini Skirt glo a rating of 3 out of 4 and recommend it to our readers. The mini Skirt glo sells for $29.95 and is sold exclusively on the Plasticsmith website.

  Perfectly fit Mac mini's shape and size.
  Bright and evenly illuminated base.
  On/Off switch with flexible cable.
  Doesn't heat up the Mac mini.
  Raises the Mac mini.

  Price being raised to $39.95 June 1.
  Uses one of the Mac mini's USB ports.
  No AC power option.

mini Skirt glo Pictures:  Click to enlarge.

3/4" base with flexible USB light cable

Flexible USB cable with light and built-in on/off switch

Back of mini Skirt glo with cable pluged in

Frosted edges diffuse light and make the base glow

mini Skit glo with Mac mini "Oh yea"

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